ALCOHOL had been demoed several times over the years and part of this current track comes from those early sessions.

But originally, it was a song with lyrics. Except that I never finished it. So, I pulled out the tracks again when I started the I DREAM DEEP project and developed them into an electro-rock-blues kind of instrumental that a lot of people are liking. 

The piano parts are samples of a real Bosendorfer grand piano and to my ear, it sounds awesome.  Being able to play the keyboard parts using that kind of sound is fantastic. Very clean. Clear. Rich. Deep bass notes.

The tracks for this were recorded on SONAR Producer X3, Logic Pro, and some parts were created on Abelton Live. It was mixed to Apple Soundtrack Pro at 32bit floating / 96kHz sample rate and mastered inside the latest AI-driven Isotope Ozone 9 mastering software, which I absolutely love. 

Anyway, enough tech talk...Have a drink and enjoy!