So amazingly enough it snowed all day long on Saturday. Unfortunately in the city of Washington, DC where I live it just barely dusted the ground. We just haven't had enough cold around to lower temperatures on the streets to point where the snow will stick well. Still it was beautiful to watch it come down---sometimes quite heavily.

I have a feeling in my gut that DC is in for some serious snow this winter. It's a bit unusual for us to have any snow before Christmas but it's already happened and I think there will be much more to come. By spring I'll probably be begging for it to stop.

Continued recording over the weekend. With the weather all cold and wet it was perfect for staying in, clamping headphones on my ears and working on mixes for some of the new tracks that are underway.

Watched No Country For Old Men again on blu ray this time. Those Cohen brothers know how to put a good movie together. Thoroughly entertaining film but very violent.

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