Did you know---there are some amazing people out there who are making radio safe for the masses again? I'm talking about Internet Stations and the incredible people who run them.

I want to turn you on to one really great station out of Concord, NH. It's called DUBIOUS MIND BOMB and the station bills itself as "An eclectic mix of Rock, Alternative, Pop, Dance, Metal, Show Tunes and Standards. Featuring the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd, Barenaked Ladies, Pet Shop Boys, B-52's, Judy Garland, and Frank Sinatra to name just a very few..."

DUBIOUS MIND BOMB has been playing the latest Delphinium Blue single "Joy" for a while now and to say that I am grateful is a huge understatement. The station is great and the musical choices you're going to hear when you visit them are going to put a great big dubious smile on your face! Check them out! Now.

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